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We found 17 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word cribs:
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(Note: See cribbing for more definitions.)

Quick definitions from Wiktionary (cribbing)

noun:  The members used to build a (structural) crib, usually of timbers or logs, but also of concrete, steel or even plastic; cribwork.
noun:  As a whole, the heavy structure built to support an existing structure from underneath, as with a mineshaft or when raising a building off its foundation, as for moving to another location,
noun:  The cribbing used to support anything from below or on a side, as with a retaining wall, or to prop up a piece of heavy machinery.
noun:  (ethology, equestrianism) A self-injurious tendency of certain horses to swallow air while slobbering and biting onto objects in and about their enclosure; cribbing and windsucking are regarded as equine forms of obsessive-compulsive disorder.
noun:  An act of plagiarism.

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