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1. anderson-jerome avenues station
2. anderson jerome avenues station
3. avenues
4. avenues and alleyways
5. avenues bahrain
6. avenues mall
7. avenues tv
8. avenues united fc
9. avenues west
10. canton of marseille-les cinq-avenues
11. canton of marseille les cinq avenues
12. dark avenues
13. fifth and madison avenues line
14. fifth and sixth avenues line
15. five great avenues
16. fourth and madison avenues line
17. greene and gates avenues line
18. greetings from jerusalem avenues
19. list of lettered brooklyn avenues
20. los angeles avenues
21. madison avenues
22. mcdonald and church avenues line
23. meeker and marcy avenues line
24. morrison soundview avenues
25. myrtle-willoughby avenues
26. myrtle-willoughby avenues station
27. myrtle-wyckoff avenues
28. myrtle-wyckoff avenues station
29. myrtle willoughby avenues
30. myrtle willoughby avenues station
31. myrtle wyckoff avenues
32. myrtle wyckoff avenues station
33. ninth and amsterdam avenues line
34. ninth and tenth avenues line
35. offbeat of avenues
36. oman avenues mall
37. park and vanderbilt avenues line
38. the avenues
39. the avenues bahrain
40. the offbeat of avenues
41. third and amsterdam avenues line


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