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1. algorithms for calculating variance
2. average-calculating operation
3. average calculating operation
4. calculating
5. calculating bernoulli numbers
6. calculating cyclotomic polynomials
7. calculating demand forecast accuracy
8. calculating device
9. calculating god
10. calculating infinity
11. calculating local time
12. calculating machine
13. calculating machines
14. calculating on
15. calculating on sth
16. calculating pi
17. calculating price indices
18. calculating punch
19. calculating punches
20. calculating space
21. calculating stars
22. calculating the day of the week
23. calculating the jacobi symbol
24. calculating the solid angle of disc
25. calculating the splitting of primes
26. electronic calculating machine
27. electronic calculating punch
28. mechanical calculating device
29. mechanical calculating machine
30. nippon calculating machine corporation
31. representative calculating time
32. the calculating machines
33. the calculating stars


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