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1. aquinas diocesan grammar school
2. assisi diocesan museum
3. bennett memorial diocesan school
4. bishop mcgann-mercy diocesan high school
5. bishop mcgann mercy diocesan high school
6. bishop of diocesan ministries
7. chancery diocesan
8. cologne diocesan feud
9. congregation of diocesan right
10. consultors diocesan
11. craighead diocesan school
12. diocesan
13. diocesan administrator
14. diocesan bishop
15. diocesan boys' school
16. diocesan boys school
17. diocesan canon
18. diocesan chancery
19. diocesan college
20. diocesan conference
21. diocesan conferences
22. diocesan consultors
23. diocesan court
24. diocesan courts
25. diocesan curate
26. diocesan curates
27. diocesan girls' school
28. diocesan girls school
29. diocesan library of tunis
30. diocesan museum
31. diocesan museum of palermo
32. diocesan native female training school
33. diocesan priest
34. diocesan priests
35. diocesan quota
36. diocesan quotas
37. diocesan record office
38. diocesan school for girls
39. diocesan shrine of saint augustine
40. diocesan synod
41. hildesheim diocesan feud
42. holy family diocesan high school
43. holy trinity diocesan high school
44. inter-diocesan
45. inter diocesan
46. london diocesan board for schools
47. montreal diocesan theological college
48. nga tawa diocesan school
49. st. anne's diocesan college
50. st. boniface diocesan high school
51. st annes diocesan college
52. st boniface diocesan high school
53. taranaki diocesan school for girls
54. waikato diocesan school for girls


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