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1. de-facto
2. de-facto standard
3. de facto
4. de facto-standard
5. de facto - de jure
6. de facto boundary
7. de facto corporation
8. de facto corporations
9. de facto currency
10. de facto de jure
11. de facto director
12. de facto embassy
13. de facto government doctrine
14. de facto independence
15. de facto marriage
16. de facto merger
17. de facto monopoly
18. de facto refuse
19. de facto relationship
20. de facto segregation
21. de facto standard
22. de facto union in portugal
23. ex-post-facto
24. ex facto
25. ex facto jus oritur
26. ex post facto
27. ex post facto clause
28. ex post facto law
29. ex post facto laws
30. facto
31. insulinlike growth facto
32. ipso facto
33. ipso facto clause
34. laws ex post facto
35. nemo ex alterius facto praegravari debet
36. post facto
37. voluntas reputabatur pro facto


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