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1. a bit of how's your father
2. a bit of hows your father
3. a father mother figure
4. a father without knowing it
5. a hymn to god the father
6. a little frog is looking for his father
7. a loving father
8. a son of his father
9. a song for my father
10. a statue for father
11. a voyage round my father
12. acknowledged father
13. adoptive father
14. adventures of father brown
15. age of father
16. all-father
17. all about my father
18. all father
19. ambrosio father
20. american founding father
21. an obedient father
22. and when did you last see your father
23. apostelic father
24. apostolic father
25. are you right there father ted
26. aristophanes father of comedy
27. arnall father
28. ask father
29. aubrey father
30. austin: father flint
31. australian father of the year
32. australian father of the year award
33. babar and father christmas
34. bachelor father
35. baiame sky father
36. be old enough to be someone's father
37. be old enough to be someones father
38. best baby father
39. big-headed kid and small-headed father
40. big headed kid and small headed father
41. biological father
42. birth father
43. blood father
44. born of unknown father
45. brian's a bad father
46. brians a bad father
47. bringing up father
48. brown father
49. by the hand of the father
50. by the sword of my father
51. child is father of the man
52. child is father to the man
53. christina alberta's father
54. christina albertas father
55. christmas father
56. Church Father
57. church of our father
58. city father
59. co-father
60. co-father-in-law
61. co father
62. co father in law
63. color him father
64. conscript father
65. conversations with my father
66. corky's debt to his father
67. corkys debt to his father
68. courtship of eddie's father
69. courtship of eddies father
70. courtship of stewie's father
71. courtship of stewies father
72. cowley father
73. crime of father amaro
74. crime with father
75. damien father
76. damien father joseph de veuster
77. dance with my father
78. day my father became a bush
79. dead father
80. dear father
81. dear lord and father of mankind
82. demise of father mouret
83. den father
84. desert father
85. devil and father amorth
86. diary for my mother and father
87. divine father
88. doctor father
89. doctrine of father divine
90. dowling father
91. dreams from my father
92. dreams from my real father
93. dreams of my father
94. early church father
95. educating father
96. educating my father
97. entertaining father stone
98. eschylus father of tragedy
99. everybody works but father
100. everything for father

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