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101. don't give two hoots
102. don't give up
103. don't give up on love
104. don't give up on me
105. don't give up the day job
106. don't give up the sheep
107. don't give up the ship
108. don't give up your day job
109. donate give blood
110. dont give a bugger
111. dont give a damn
112. dont give a fig
113. dont give a hang
114. dont give a hoot
115. dont give a monkeys
116. dont give a rats ass
117. dont give a shit
118. dont give a stuff
119. dont give a tinkers curse
120. dont give a tinkers cuss
121. dont give a tinkers damn
122. dont give a whoop
123. dont give candy to a stranger
124. dont give houseroom
125. dont give in to him
126. dont give it a thought
127. dont give it another thought
128. dont give me any of your lip
129. dont give me names
130. dont give me that
131. dont give me those eyes
132. dont give me your life
133. dont give two hoots
134. dont give up
135. dont give up on love
136. dont give up on me
137. dont give up on us
138. dont give up the day job
139. dont give up the sheep
140. dont give up the ship
141. dont give up your day job
142. don’t give me that
143. don’t give up the/your day job
144. don’t give up the your day job
145. earning to give
146. engage to give
147. even more tales to give you goosebumps
148. flip give someone the bird
149. floor give-up
150. floor give up
151. fore-give
152. fore give
153. get give head skull
154. get give props
155. get give someone the ok
156. get what you give
157. give
158. give-a permanent wave to
159. give-and-go
160. give-and-goes
161. give-and-gos
162. give-and-take
163. give-and-take lines
164. give-and-takes
165. give-away
166. give-away shop
167. give-away shops
168. give-aways
169. give-back
170. give-n-take
171. give-up
172. give-up the ghost
173. give-ups
174. give-way sign
175. give-way vessel
176. give & take
177. give 'em all a big fat lip
178. give 'em enough rope
179. give 'em the boot
180. give /quote sth/sb chapter and verse
181. give 110%
182. give a/the third
183. give a bad account
184. give a bad account of oneself
185. give a bad name
186. give a bang
187. give a bawling out
188. give a beating
189. give a bell
190. give a benediction to
191. give a bias to
192. give a bit of curry
193. give a blank check
194. give a blank check to
195. give a blank checkto
196. give a blank look
197. give a blank stare
198. give a bloody nose
199. give a blow
200. give a body to

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