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1. act of giving one’s word
2. active giving
3. add 1 to cobol giving cobol
4. ain't giving up
5. aint giving up
6. alms-giving
7. alms giving
8. alternative giving
9. annual giving
10. asian women giving circle
11. bbb wise giving alliance
12. corporate giving
13. democratized transactional giving
14. direction-giving beacon
15. direction giving beacon
16. energy-giving
17. energy giving
18. fame-giving
19. fame giving
20. fia prize giving ceremony
21. free giving
22. freely giving
23. gain-giving
24. gain giving
25. generous giving
26. gift-giving
27. gift giving
28. gift that keeps giving
29. gift that keeps on giving
30. gifts that keep on giving
31. giving
32. giving-up/given-up complex
33. giving a bad account
34. giving a bad name
35. giving a bell
36. giving a bloody nose
37. giving a break
38. giving a damn
39. giving a darn
40. giving a dose of their own medicine
41. giving a fair shake
42. giving a fit
43. giving a flying fuck
44. giving a fuck
45. giving a good account of herself
46. giving a good account of himself
47. giving a good account of itself
48. giving a good account of myself
49. giving a good account of oneself
50. giving a good account of ourselves
51. giving a good account of themselves
52. giving a good account of yourself
53. giving a good account of yourselves
54. giving a good run for their money
55. giving a hand
56. giving a hang
57. giving a hard time
58. giving a hoot
59. giving a miss
60. giving a mouthful
61. giving a piece of mind
62. giving a rat's ass
63. giving a rats ass
64. giving a rip
65. giving a run for their money
66. giving a shout
67. giving a taste of their own medicine
68. giving a thick ear
69. giving a toss
70. giving a whirl
71. giving a wide berth
72. giving about
73. giving against
74. giving air to
75. giving airs
76. giving an inch and he will take a mile
77. giving an inch and she will take a mile
78. giving as good as get
79. giving away
80. giving back
81. giving back to africa
82. giving battle
83. giving beforehand
84. giving best
85. giving birth
86. giving birth to
87. giving birth to a stone
88. giving blood
89. giving candy to strangers
90. giving care
91. giving chase
92. giving children hope
93. giving circle
94. giving color
95. giving colour
96. giving dap
97. giving down
98. giving each his due
99. giving ear
100. giving evidence

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