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1. 's make it
2. 'til i can make it on my own
3. a chance to make history
4. a time to make friends
5. a world of make-believe
6. a world of make believe
7. ability to make distinctions
8. able to make an event
9. adaptive vehicle make
10. all creatures will make merry
11. all i wanna do is make love to you
12. all that we make
13. anarchy is what states make of it
14. apply make up
15. are make a hit with
16. as to make people more amorous
17. avril lavigne's make 5 wishes
18. avril lavignes make 5 wishes
19. babes make the law
20. baby make it soon
21. bags make a
22. bandz a make her dance
23. be make or break for sb/sth
24. be make or break for sb sth
25. be make so bold
26. be make so bold as to do something
27. be on the make
28. bees make honey
29. before they make me run
30. behind the make-up
31. behind the make up
32. born to make you happy
33. break-before-make
34. break-before-make contact
35. break before make
36. break before make contact
37. break up to make up
38. britain can make it
39. brown shoes don't make it
40. brown shoes dont make it
41. can't make head nor tail of
42. can't make head nor tail of sth
43. can't make head or tail of
44. can't make heads or tails of
45. can't make heads or tails of something
46. can't seem to make you mine
47. can make nothing of
48. canadian screen award for best make-up
49. canadian screen award for best make up
50. cant make head nor tail of
51. cant make head nor tail of sth
52. cant make head or tail of
53. cant make heads or tails of
54. cant make heads or tails of something
55. cant seem to make you mine
56. cause to make a sound
57. clothes don't make the man
58. clothes dont make the man
59. clothes make the man
60. clothes make the pirate
61. clothes make the woman
62. come in and make yourself at home
63. companion make
64. congress shall make no law
65. conny and peter make music
66. conscience does make cowards of us all
67. cowl does not make the monk
68. create. make
69. create make
70. cruise of the make-believes
71. cruise of the make believes
72. culture of make believe
73. curl your hair make your hair curl
74. custom-make
75. custom make
76. daddy's gonna make you a star
77. daddys gonna make you a star
78. dead men don't make shadows
79. dead men dont make shadows
80. delighted to make your acquaintance
81. did you ever have to make up your mind
82. do i make myself clear
83. do i make you proud
84. do i make you wanna
85. do make a good bad job of sth
86. do make say think
87. do make sth to order
88. do make the rounds
89. do you wanna make love
90. do you want to make something of it
91. doctors make the worst patients
92. don't it make my brown eyes blue
93. don't it make you want to go home
94. don't make a beggar of me
95. don't make a fool of yourself
96. don't make a wave committee
97. don't make any plans for tonight
98. don't make em like you
99. don't make it easy for me
100. don't make me

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