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1. ...and mother makes five
2. ...and mother makes three
3. a dream is a wish your heart makes
4. a good beginning makes a good ending
5. a good husband makes a good wife
6. a good jack makes a good jill
7. a heavy purse makes a light heart
8. absence makes the heart grow fonder
9. all work and no play makes jack a dull boy
10. amy makes three
11. an elephant makes love to a pig
12. an empty wagon makes a lot of noise
13. and baby makes three
14. and maggie makes three
15. and mother makes five
16. and mother makes three
17. and tango makes three
18. as near as makes no difference
19. australian championship of makes
20. baby makes five
21. blood makes noise
22. cactus makes perfect
23. david makes man
24. death makes a holiday
25. december makes me feel this way
26. devil makes three
27. devil makes work for idle hands
28. distance makes the heart grow fonder
29. dose makes the poison
30. early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise
31. every little move she makes
32. everybody makes mistakes
33. fake it till one makes it
34. fake it until one makes it
35. father makes good
36. for all the difference sth makes
37. gidget makes the wrong connection
38. giuseppe makes a movie
39. god makes the rivers to flow
40. good seed makes a good crop
41. great haste makes great waste
42. haste makes waste
43. haste makes waste/more haste less speed
44. haste makes waste more haste less speed
45. hat makes the man
46. he makes me feel like dancin
47. hope deferred makes the heart sick
48. how your love makes me feel
49. hunger makes me a modern girl
50. ida makes a movie
51. if it makes you happy
52. ingmar bergman makes a movie
53. it makes a change
54. it makes a fellow proud to be a soldier
55. it makes me feel good
56. it makes me glad
57. it makes me puke
58. it makes no difference
59. it makes no sense
60. it makes you happy
61. kisses and makes up
62. light purse makes a heavy heart
63. local boy makes good
64. loco boy makes good
65. love makes a family
66. love makes no sense
67. love makes sweet music
68. love makes the world
69. love makes the world go 'round
70. love makes the world go `round
71. love makes the world go round
72. love makes things happen
73. love that makes you cry
74. makes
75. makes a beeline for
76. makes a big thing out of
77. makes a bolt for
78. makes a book
79. makes a break for
80. makes a career of
81. makes a cat laugh
82. makes a clean break
83. makes a clean breast of
84. makes a clean breast of it
85. makes a clean sweep
86. makes a comeback
87. makes a day of it
88. makes a dead set at
89. makes a difference
90. makes a drama out
91. makes a face
92. makes a fight of it
93. makes a fist
94. makes a fool
95. makes a fortune
96. makes a fuss
97. makes a fuss over
98. makes a game
99. makes a go
100. makes a hames

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