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1. a dog in the manger
2. at heck and manger
3. away in a manger
4. away in the manger
5. babe in bethlem's manger
6. babe in bethlems manger
7. bilis manger
8. blanc-manger
9. blanc manger
10. chef garde manger
11. christmas manger
12. cock manger
13. dog-in-the-manger
14. dog in the manger
15. dogs in the manger
16. from the manger to the cross
17. garde-manger
18. garde manger
19. harvey manger-weil
20. harvey manger weil
21. heinrich manger
22. hotel manger
23. itsik manger
24. itzik manger
25. itzik manger prize
26. josef manger
27. live at rack and manger
28. manger
29. manger-board
30. manger board
31. manger boards
32. manger or manger le morceau
33. manger scene
34. manger square
35. mount manger
36. pret a manger
37. rack and manger
38. rosi manger
39. salle a manger
40. salle manger
41. salles a manger
42. salles manger
43. the babe in bethlem's manger
44. the babe in bethlems manger
45. the dog in the manger
46. there's a star above the manger tonight
47. theres a star above the manger tonight
48. to live at rack and manger


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