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1. 'til the medicine takes
2. 21st cent. history of medicine
3. 21st cent. medicine
4. 21st cent history of medicine
5. 21st cent medicine
6. a dose of one's own medicine
7. a dose of ones own medicine
8. a dose of own medicine
9. a dose of someone's own medicine
10. a dose of someones own medicine
11. a history of medicine
12. a medicine for melancholy
13. a taste/dose of someone's own medicine
14. a taste dose of someones own medicine
15. a taste of one's own medicine
16. a taste of ones own medicine
17. a taste of own medicine
18. a taste of someone's own medicine
19. a taste of someones own medicine
20. a taste of your own medicine
21. ability to practice medicine
22. abu kabir institute of forensic medicine
23. academic emergency medicine
24. academic medicine
25. academy of medicine
26. academy of medicine of malaysia
27. academy of medicine of toronto
28. access to medicine index
29. accra college of medicine
30. acupuncture in medicine
31. acute medicine
32. acute prescribing homeopathic medicine
33. addiction medicine
34. adolescent medicine
35. adoption medicine
36. aerospace medicine
37. aerospace medicine and human performance
38. aesthetic medicine
39. african-american women in medicine
40. african american women in medicine
41. african traditional medicine
42. ain shams university faculty of medicine
43. alabama college of osteopathic medicine
44. albert einstein college of medicine
45. alcohols in medicine
46. aldersgate school of medicine
47. alexandria school of medicine
48. all saints university school of medicine
49. allergy medicine
50. allopathic-medicine
51. allopathic medicine
52. alternative-medicine
53. alternative and complementary medicine
54. alternative medicine
55. alternative medicine - pain relief
56. alternative medicine degrees
57. alternative medicine pain relief
58. alternative veterinary medicine
59. ama school of medicine
60. ambulatory medicine
61. american academy of anti-aging medicine
62. american academy of anti aging medicine
63. american academy of disaster medicine
64. american academy of emergency medicine
65. american academy of sleep medicine
66. american board of anti-aging medicine
67. american board of anti aging medicine
68. american board of disaster medicine
69. american board of emergency medicine
70. american board of family medicine
71. american board of hospital medicine
72. american board of internal medicine
73. american board of legal medicine
74. american board of nuclear medicine
75. american board of pain medicine
76. american board of preventive medicine
77. american board of sleep medicine
78. american college of preventive medicine
79. american college of sports medicine
80. american journal of chinese medicine
81. american journal of emergency medicine
82. american journal of industrial medicine
83. american journal of law & medicine
84. american journal of medicine
85. american journal of preventive medicine
86. american journal of sports medicine
87. american osteopathic medicine
88. american society of addiction medicine
89. american society of internal medicine
90. american society of tropical medicine
91. american sports medicine institute
92. ancient egyptian medicine
93. ancient greek medicine
94. ancient iranian medicine
95. ancient roman medicine
96. anhui university of chinese medicine
97. annals of african medicine
98. annals of behavioral medicine
99. annals of emergency medicine
100. annals of family medicine

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