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1. a girl must live
2. a line a day must be enough
3. a man must live
4. a must
5. a must do have see etc
6. a must to avoid
7. a singer must die
8. a world of peace must come
9. all bad things must end
10. all beauty must die
11. all disco dance must end in broken bones
12. all flesh must be eaten
13. all good things must end
14. all pigs must die
15. all superheroes must die
16. all the young people must fall in love
17. all things must pass
18. all zombies must die
19. amar must die
20. america must be destroyed
21. arden must die
22. baby the rain must fall
23. bells must ring
24. best of friends must part
25. bill gates must die
26. birgitt haas must be killed
27. blair must go party
28. blood must be shed
29. boy must live
30. britrock must be destroyed
31. bunny must die! chelsea and the 7 devils
32. cable tv and the must carry law
33. caesar's wife must be above suspicion
34. caesar must die
35. caesars wife must be above suspicion
36. carthage must be destroyed
37. change we must
38. cool heads must prevail
39. cooler heads must prevail
40. country must be country wide
41. curfew must not ring tonight
42. customer must order direct
43. devil must be striking
44. dorothy must die
45. dwarves must die
46. ears must be burning
47. elope if you must
48. every dog must have his day
49. every dog must have its day
50. every tub must stand on its own bottom
51. everything must change
52. everything must go
53. everything that rises must converge
54. fire must never be extinguished
55. frankenstein must be destroyed
56. germany must perish
57. ghana must go
58. ghosts must be crazy
59. god must be busy
60. god must be crazy
61. gods must be crazy
62. gods must be crazy 2
63. gods must be crazy ii
64. gods must be funny in china
65. grape must
66. he must be joking
67. he must needs go that the devil drives
68. he who must die
69. heaven must be missing an angel
70. heaven must have sent you
71. hello i must be going
72. hello i must be going tour
73. here you must take care
74. hero must die
75. hero must die. again
76. hero must die again
77. i have no mouth and i must scream
78. i must abandon you
79. i must be dreaming
80. i must be hearing things
81. i must be off
82. i must be seeing things
83. i must confess
84. i must dash/i have to dash
85. i must dash i have to dash
86. i must go
87. i must go to the city
88. i must have lost it on the wind
89. i must love you and leave you
90. i must not chase the boys
91. i must say
92. i must say good night
93. i must stand
94. idolmaster must songs
95. if it doesnt fit you must acquit
96. if someone must
97. if we must die
98. if you must
99. if you must know
100. internet must go

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