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1. buck house novice chase
2. chanelle pharma novice hurdle
3. cork stayers novice hurdle
4. devil's novice
5. devils novice
6. down royal mares novice hurdle
7. dunboyne castle novice hurdle
8. fergus o'toole memorial novice hurdle
9. fergus otoole memorial novice hurdle
10. festival novice hurdle
11. for auction novice hurdle
12. growise champion novice chase
13. herald champion novice hurdle
14. joe mac novice hurdle
15. kerry novice football championship
16. kilbegnet novice chase
17. killiney novice chase
18. kmetijske in rokodelske novice
19. limerick e.b.f. mares novice hurdle
20. limerick ebf mares novice hurdle
21. mares novice hurdle championship final
22. mercedes-benz novice hurdle
23. mercedes benz novice hurdle
24. michael purcell memorial novice hurdle
25. monksfield novice hurdle
26. moscow flyer novice hurdle
27. novice
28. novice award
29. novice division
30. novice fawcett
31. novice gail fawcett
32. novice hame
33. novice level
34. novice master
35. novice monk
36. novice race
37. novice round open medalists
38. novice sportsman class
39. racing post novice chase
40. rebellious novice
41. slovenske novice
42. solerina mares novice hurdle
43. the devil's novice
44. the devils novice
45. the novice
46. the rebellious novice


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