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1. demand and obtain payment
2. desire to obtain
3. express a wish to obtain
4. false information to obtain credit
5. obtain
6. obtain a mortgage
7. obtain a return
8. obtain a victory
9. obtain again
10. obtain by a fractional process
11. obtain by any means
12. obtain by course of law
13. obtain by force
14. obtain by reasoning
15. obtain by search
16. obtain exclusive possession
17. obtain for
18. obtain in advance
19. obtain in an unlawful manner
20. obtain in pure form
21. obtain knowledge of
22. obtain medical records
23. obtain money by false pretenses
24. obtain money under false pretenses
25. obtain payment
26. obtain probate of
27. obtain the use of
28. obtain under false pretenses
29. obtain unlawfully
30. opportunity to obtain goods on time
31. restraining order how to obtain
32. special obtain
33. specimen stool how to obtain
34. specimen urine how to obtain
35. try to obtain


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