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1. aerodynamic roughness length
2. channel roughness
3. chezy's roughness
4. chezys roughness
5. coefficient of roughness
6. dynamic roughness
7. effective roughness length
8. hydraulic roughness
9. international roughness index
10. list of necessary roughness characters
11. list of necessary roughness episodes
12. manning's roughness
13. mannings roughness
14. necessary roughness
15. relative roughness factor
16. road roughness
17. roughness
18. roughness-width cutoff
19. roughness coefficient
20. roughness elements
21. roughness factor
22. roughness length
23. roughness lengths
24. roughness parameter
25. roughness penalty
26. roughness sublayer
27. roughness width cutoff
28. surface roughness
29. thermal roughness


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