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1. abkhazian regional academy of sciences
2. academies of sciences
3. academy of criminal justice sciences
4. academy of engineering sciences
5. academy of interactive arts & sciences
6. academy of interactive arts and sciences
7. academy of machinima arts & sciences
8. academy of medical sciences
9. academy of military medical sciences
10. Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences
11. academy of natural sciences
12. academy of sciences
13. academy of sciences glacier
14. academy of sciences leopoldina
15. academy of sciences malaysia
16. academy of sciences of afghanistan
17. academy of sciences of albania
18. academy of sciences of moldova
19. academy of sciences of the soviet union
20. academy of sciences of the ussr
21. academy of sciences of turkmenistan
22. academy of sciences of ussr
23. academy of sciences range
24. academy of social sciences
25. academy of television arts & sciences
26. Academy Of Television Arts And Sciences
27. ace institute of health sciences
28. advances in atmospheric sciences
29. african academy of sciences
30. african health sciences
31. african journal of neurological sciences
32. agricultural sciences
33. airflow sciences corporation
34. aja university of medical sciences
35. alborz university of medical sciences
36. alimera sciences
37. all india institute of medical sciences
38. all india institutes of medical sciences
39. allied social sciences association
40. amala institute of medical sciences
41. american academy of arts & sciences
42. american academy of arts and sciences
43. american academy of forensic sciences
44. american academy of hospitality sciences
45. american college of healthcare sciences
46. american journal of applied sciences
47. american journal of the medical sciences
48. american junior academy of sciences
49. american society of reclamation sciences
50. amrita institute of medical sciences
51. amsterdam university of applied sciences
52. analytical sciences digital library
53. anatomical sciences education
54. anhalt university of applied sciences
55. animal sciences
56. apeel sciences
57. applied sciences
58. arabic sciences and philosophy
59. arak university of medical sciences
60. arcada university of applied sciences
61. archival sciences
62. archive for history of exact sciences
63. archives des sciences
64. archives of biological sciences
65. armenian national academy of sciences
66. army college of medical sciences
67. artevelde university of applied sciences
68. asian institute of gemological sciences
69. asian institute of medical sciences
70. asmara college of health sciences
71. association for chemoreception sciences
72. asu college of liberal arts and sciences
73. atmospheric sciences
74. augsburg university of applied sciences
75. aurora flight sciences
76. aurora flight sciences orion
77. australian academy of forensic sciences
78. austrian academy of sciences
79. austrian journal of earth sciences
80. auxiliary sciences of history
81. avans university of applied sciences
82. axovant sciences
83. azerbaijan national academy of sciences
84. baba farid university of health sciences
85. babol university of medical sciences
86. bachelor of applied arts and sciences
87. bachelor of medical sciences
88. bam university of medical sciences
89. bamfield marine sciences centre
90. bangladesh academy of sciences
91. bangladesh university of health sciences
92. baoji university of arts and sciences
93. baptist college of health sciences
94. barani institute of sciences
95. basic sciences
96. baycrest health sciences
97. bbw university of applied sciences
98. behavioral and brain sciences
99. behavioral sciences
100. behavioural sciences

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