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1. ...the stories we could tell
2. 4) tell the truth
3. abada tell
4. abdullah el-tell
5. abdullah el tell
6. abu hureyra tell
7. abu salabikh tell
8. adventures of william tell
9. aijul tell el
10. alma tell
11. always tell your wife
12. amarna tell el
13. and the sea will tell
14. any major dude will tell you
15. aqab tell
16. aqrab tell
17. arthur tell schwab
18. as/so far as i can tell
19. as far/near as i can tell
20. as far as can tell
21. as far as could tell
22. as far as i can tell
23. as far as one can tell
24. as far near as i can tell
25. as near as i can tell
26. as near as someone can tell
27. as so far as i can tell
28. as so far as one can see tell judge
29. asmar tell
30. aswad tell
31. atchana tell
32. azmak tell
33. back tell
34. basta tell
35. battle of tell 'asur
36. battle of tell asur
37. battle of tell danith
38. battle of tell el kebir
39. beit mersim tell
40. blood will tell
41. brak tell
42. breeding will tell
43. buzz and tell
44. can't begin to tell you
45. can't tell arse from elbow
46. can't tell chalk from cheese
47. can't tell me nothing
48. can i tell her who's calling
49. can i tell her whos calling
50. can you tell us
51. cant begin to tell you
52. cant tell arse from elbow
53. cant tell chalk from cheese
54. cant tell me nothing
55. chef tell
56. children and fools tell the truth
57. christine tell
58. chuera tell
59. could i tell him who's calling
60. could i tell him whos calling
61. couldn't i just tell you
62. couldnt i just tell you
63. cross tell
64. darkness with tales to tell
65. dead men can tell no tales
66. dead men tell
67. dead men tell no tales
68. diane tell
69. did i ever tell you how lucky you are
70. did i tell you
71. didn't i tell you
72. didnt i tell you
73. do tell
74. do tell peony
75. doctors don't tell
76. doctors dont tell
77. does macy's tell gimbel's
78. does macys tell gimbels
79. dogs don't tell jokes
80. dogs dont tell jokes
81. don't ask don't tell
82. don't ever tell me that you love me
83. don't know what to tell ya
84. don't let them tell you that
85. don't make me tell you again
86. don't tell
87. don't tell 'em
88. don't tell a soul
89. don't tell alfred
90. don't tell anyone
91. don't tell everything
92. don't tell her
93. don't tell her it's me
94. don't tell me
95. don't tell me any stories
96. don't tell me lies
97. don't tell me no
98. don't tell me now
99. don't tell me that it's over
100. don't tell me the boy was mad

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