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1. boy whose skin fell off
2. by whose hand
3. for whose advantage
4. future in whose eyes
5. inanimate whose
6. ladies whose bright eyes
7. man whose mind exploded
8. man whose pharynx was bad
9. rings whose every module is free
10. the boy whose skin fell off
11. the future in whose eyes
12. the man whose mind exploded
13. the man whose pharynx was bad
14. who's whose
15. whos whose
16. whose
17. whose afraid of virginia woolf
18. whose baby
19. whose bed have your boots been under
20. whose boat is this boat
21. whose body
22. whose broad stripes and bright stars
23. whose daughter is she
24. whose doctor who
25. whose fist is this anyway
26. whose foot the shoe is on
27. whose garden was this
28. whose life is it anyway
29. whose line
30. whose line is it anyway
31. whose names are unknown
32. whose ox gets gored
33. whose ox is gored
34. whose side are you on
35. whose streets
36. whose time has come
37. whose was the hand
38. whose wedding is it anyway
39. whose wife
40. whose zoo
41. you and whose army


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