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1. Abo Blood Group System
2. Abo System
3. Adp System
4. Bertillon System
5. British Imperial System
6. British System
7. Copernican System
8. Department Of Defense Laboratory System
9. Dewey Decimal System
10. Disk Operating System
11. Emergency Alert System
12. English System
13. Farm Credit System
14. Federal Home Loan Bank System
15. Federal Reserve System
16. Global Positioning System
17. International System
18. Medical Literature Analysis And Retrieval System
19. Microsoft Disk Operating System
20. Milky Way System
21. P.a. System
22. Pa System
23. Ptolemaic System
24. Purkinje's System
25. Selective Service System
26. Si System
27. stem
28. United States Customary System
29. Unix Operating System
30. Unix System


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