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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase alex krizhevsky.
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Reverse dictionary results:
1. ian goodfellow
2. ilya sutskever
3. kunihiko fukushima
4. andrew ng
5. stefan karpinski
6. stuart j. russell
7. samy bengio
8. song-chun zhu
9. jens lehmann
10. allan borodin
11. matei zaharia
12. lex fridman
13. leonid boguslavsky
14. nando de freitas
15. jon kleinberg
16. nikolai kapustin
17. trevor blackwell
18. andrew zisserman
19. alexey pajitnov
20. shane legg
21. jack edmonds
22. sergey bezrukov
23. jeffrey heer
24. ion stoica
25. dmitri alperovitch
26. pushmeet kohli
27. christof koch
28. hartmut neven
29. stephen cook
30. michael burrows
31. mohammad hajiaghayi
32. andrei alexandrescu
33. maksim yakubets
34. chris urmson
35. oren etzioni
36. cris kobryn
37. david karger
38. j. alex halderman
39. chris harrison
40. max levchin

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