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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase ct rail.
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Reverse dictionary results:
1. ct transit
2. metro-north railroad
3. shore line east
4. hartford line
5. mbta commuter rail
6. nj transit
7. stratford station
8. northeast corridor line
9. coaster
10. new haven line
11. septa regional rail
12. amtrak california
13. long island rail road
14. mbta subway
15. chicago transit authority
16. providence and worcester railroad
17. south norwalk station
18. providence/stoughton line
19. raritan valley line
20. commuter rail
21. bergen county line
22. new york city transit authority
23. harlem line
24. princeton branch
25. trolleybuses in greater boston
26. camden line
27. newburyport/rockport line
28. dublin suburban rail
29. fitchburg line
30. amtrak
31. baltimore metro subwaylink
32. acela
33. atlantic city line
34. penn line
35. dublin area rapid transit
36. haverhill line
37. baltimore light raillink
38. capital metrorail
39. csx transportation
40. northeast regional

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