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List phrases that spell out di 

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We found 53 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word di:
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Business dictionaries Business (1 matching dictionary)
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Quick definitions from Wiktionary (Di)

noun:  A diminutive of the female given name Diana.
noun:  A surname from Chinese.
noun:  (astronomy) dwarf irregular galaxy
noun:  Initialism of detective inspector.
noun:  (medicine) Initialism of dens invaginatus. [A rare dental malformation where there is an infolding of enamel into dentine, producing a "tooth within a tooth".]
noun:  (medicine) Initialism of diabetes insipidus. [A disease characterized by excretion of large amount of severely diluted urine, which cannot be reduced when fluid intake is reduced. It is generally related to a tumor or insult to the pituitary gland, where the hormonal signals the pituitary gives to the kidneys break down, and the kidneys do not conserve water, but express all water as urine. This is a rather rare disease.]
noun:  (computer graphics) Initialism of diffused illumination.
noun:  (software, object-oriented programming) Initialism of dependency injection. [(software architecture) A type-safe way of supplying an external dependency to a software component.]
noun:  (automotive) Initialism of direct injection. (fuel injection)
noun:  Initialism of ductile iron. [A form of cast iron with nodular graphite inclusions, having many industrial applications.]
noun:  (music) Initialism of direct input.
noun:  (music) Short for DI unit. [(music) A unit that converts a high impedance signal to a low impedance signal to reduce interference, used to connect an instrument to a mixing console.]

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