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1. he walked around the horses
2. he walked by night
3. he walked on water
4. he walked through the fields
5. he walks beside me
6. he wam
7. he wanted work
8. he was... she was... you was... we was
9. he was a friend of mine
10. he was a quiet man
11. he was a warlock
12. he was brought as a lamb
13. he was cool
14. he was her man
15. he was my brother
16. he was really sayin' somethin
17. he was really sayin somethin
18. he was she was you was we was
19. he was there
20. he was too good to me
21. he wasn't
22. he wasn't born yesterday
23. he wasn't man enough
24. he wasnt
25. he wasnt born yesterday
26. he wasnt man enough
27. he wei
28. he weidong
29. he weifang
30. he went to paris
31. he who can does he who cannot teaches
32. he who cannot be named
33. he who died of love
34. he who excels
35. he who excuses himself accuses himself
36. he who gets slapped
37. he who has committed iniquity
38. he who has passed away
39. he who hesitates is lost
40. he who laughs last laughs best
41. he who laughs last laughs hardest
42. he who laughs last laughs longest
43. he who laughs last laughs longest best
44. he who loves in a glass house
45. he who must die
46. he who must not be named
47. he who pays the piper calls the tune
48. he who remains
49. he who rides a tiger
50. he who rides the tiger
51. he who said no
52. he who saw the deep
53. he who shall not bleed
54. he who shapes
55. he who shrank
56. he who smelt it dealt it
57. he who walks behind the rows
58. he who whispers
59. he who will have equity done to him
60. he whom god shall make manifest
61. he whore
62. he whores
63. he will break your heart
64. he will get his
65. he will give the devil his due
66. he will have his way
67. he will not divide us
68. he will try anything once
69. he winked and won
70. he wolf
71. he wolves
72. he would a hunting go
73. he would be sixteen
74. he wouldn't say boo to a goose
75. he wouldnt say boo to a goose
76. he wrote a book


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