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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase lena farugia.
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Reverse dictionary results:
1. shaleen surtie-richards
2. sondra locke
3. sheila steafel
4. luana anders
5. daria nicolodi
6. natalie trundy
7. carmen duncan
8. elizabeth sung
9. hannelore elsner
10. stephanie niznik
11. pamela lincoln
12. audrey wells
13. georgann johnson
14. mary pat gleason
15. catherine burns
16. cornelia frances
17. suzanna leigh
18. denise dubarry
19. lina basquette
20. georgia engel
21. susan bernard
22. lisa banes
23. julia lockwood
24. penny cook
25. adrienne shelly
26. kim hamilton
27. marta dubois
28. ina balin
29. theresa saldana
30. pier angeli
31. cynthia harris
32. denise nickerson
33. diane gaidry
34. roberta haynes
35. anita loos
36. suzan farmer
37. leila abashidze
38. olivia cole
39. elaine lee
40. phyllis somerville

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