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We found 58 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word number:
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General dictionaries General (33 matching dictionaries)
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Art dictionaries Art (6 matching dictionaries)
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Business dictionaries Business (2 matching dictionaries)
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Computing dictionaries Computing (1 matching dictionary)
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Medicine dictionaries Medicine (3 matching dictionaries)
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Miscellaneous dictionaries Miscellaneous (3 matching dictionaries)
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Religion dictionaries Religion (1 matching dictionary)
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Science dictionaries Science (3 matching dictionaries)
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Slang dictionaries Slang (4 matching dictionaries)
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Tech dictionaries Tech (2 matching dictionaries)
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Quick definitions from Macmillan (
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Quick definitions from WordNet (number)

noun:  an item of merchandise offered for sale ("She preferred the black nylon number")
noun:  a clothing measurement ("A number 13 shoe")
noun:  the property possessed by a sum or total or indefinite quantity of units or individuals ("He had a number of chores to do")
noun:  the grammatical category for the forms of nouns and pronouns and verbs that are used depending on the number of entities involved (singular or dual or plural) ("In English the subject and the verb must agree in number")
noun:  a numeral or string of numerals that is used for identification ("She refused to give them her Social Security number")
noun:  a select company of people ("I hope to become one of their number before I die")
noun:  a concept of quantity derived from zero and units ("Every number has a unique position in the sequence")
noun:  one of a series published periodically
noun:  a symbol used to represent a number
noun:  the number is used in calling a particular telephone ("He has an unlisted number")
noun:  a short theatrical performance that is part of a longer program ("It was one of the best numbers he ever did")
verb:  place a limit on the number of
verb:  enumerate ("We must number the names of the great mathematicians")
verb:  give numbers to ("You should number the pages of the thesis")
verb:  add up in number or quantity
verb:  put into a group
verb:  determine the number or amount of
name:  A surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S.: #24362)

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